Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Today’s Seth is an interesting take on death.  If you think about it, death (at the appropriate moment) is indeed a gift … it allows us to fully reconnect with our source selves before diving in somewhere else and it creates the space and time for others to jump in and enjoy the physical life on Gaia.  

An eternity trapped in one physical incarnation would be anybody’s definition of hell … particularly being stuck after the “lessons have been learned” and when we’re ready to expand our consciousness and cruise the Cosmos!

“It should be noted before we begin that death itself is the delivery – a deliverer – of your species and all others.  It is not negative in itself, but instead is the beginning of a different kind of positive existence.  It prunes the planet, so to speak, so that there is a room and time for all, energy and food for all.  Because of death, life is possible, so these two seemingly opposite qualities are simply different versions of the same phenomena.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session March 13, 1984)

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