Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Continuum of consciousness

Today’s Seth points out that everything is conscious … maybe not conscious like our waking consciousness … but from molecules on up to the body and Gaia, Milky Way, the universe, everything is conscious action manifesting to us as matter in time and space.  

This makes sense intellectually, but it’s a challenge to live with that awareness.  

Buddhist practices work to bridge the gap between waking consciousness and body mind.  Shamans bridge the same gap with the elements, species and the planet.  Kryon has emphasized that the key to contributing to the current awakening of humanity and the planet is to feel compassion … feel that connection with the planet, other humans and our ancestors (spiritual ancestors not biological).

“It is perhaps easier to imagine a continuum of consciousness, for you have a body consciousness also, and that body consciousness is itself made up of the individual consciousness of each molecule that forms all parts of the body itself.
“It is sometimes fashionable to say that men and women have conscious minds, subconscious minds, and unconscious minds – but there is no such thing as an unconscious mind.  The body consciousness is highly conscious.  You are simply not usually conscious of it. Reasoning takes time.  It deals with problem-solving – it forms an hypothesis, and then seeks to prove it by trial and error.
“If you had to use that kind of process before you could move a muscle, you would get nowhere at all, of course.  The other portions of your consciousness, then, deal with a kind of automatic thinking, and operate with a kind of knowledge that takes no time in your terms.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session March 16, 1984)

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