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Appendix 21 - Counterparts


Now: a footnote to our [private] session of last night.  Ruburt was correct: Lives are simultaneous.  You can live more than one life at a time – in your terms now – but that is a loaded sentence.  You are neurologically tuned in to one particular field of actuality that you recognize.  In your terms and from your viewpoint only, messages from other existences live within you as ghost images within the cells, for the cells recognize more than you do on a conscious level.  That is, for a brief time, Joseph was consciously able to perceive a portion of another existence.

You could not be consciously aware of those other realities all of the time, and deal with the world that you know.  You have several time and space tracks in operation at once, then, but you acknowledge only certain neurological messages physically.  Yet there is more to the body than you perceive of it, and this is difficult to explain to you … If you can think of a multidimensional body existing at one time in various realities, and appearing differently within each one while still being whole, then you can get some glimpse of what is involved.

Now our friend Joseph here was able to handle another reality while still being involved in this one.  Neurologically, you crossed your messages.  You were aware of ghost images that you usually do not recognize, and those were translated into ghost sense data.  That is, he knew the black woman was not in the physical room with him in his space and time, running through his studio [where he had the experience].  But in other terms, she was indeed running in another environment that our friend was able to see, and to superimpose over the reality he knew, while keeping both intact.

(Here I asked Seth if the strong thrilling sensations I’d repeatedly felt at the time had anything to do with my perceptions of the “ghost images” of Maumee and her surroundings.  Seth answered:)

Those were the result of the neurological changeover, and they are your particular symbol that this is occurring.  Others will have symbols of their own.

But such pictures are there for any of you who want to view them.  When you are ready to see them, you will.  Many of you are not ready to meet those kinds of data … for a certain kind of finesse is required – a balance that you are learning.  And each of you knows intuitively when you are open to such encounters.

There are, of course, future memories as well as past ones … As Joseph often says, “When you think of reincarnation, you do so in terms of past lives”.  You are afraid to consider future lives because then you have to face the death that must be met first, in your terms.  And so you never think of future selves, or how you might benefit from knowing them …

ESP Class 26 November

Far be it from me to disturb your ancient ideas of yin and yang, or Jung, or good and evil, or of right and wrong, or of good and bad vibrations!  I was beginning a new body of material, and so we have not finished with it by a long shot!  What I hope to say is that your world exists in different terms than those you recognize, and that reincarnation is indeed a myth and a story that stands for something else entirely.

Each of you takes part in your world – and in your time as you understand it, and in your terms, all the creatures of the earth participate in the century.  You work out creative challenges and possibilities.  You are born into different races, into different cultures, with different – but the same – desires … There are many things that you are learning.  And so, if you will forgive me, my dear Florence, I will use you as an example.

For there is also a version of our Florence, a young man in China, who does not weigh even 70 pounds, and who is 26 years old.  (Florence is in her late 40’s.)  He has starved for years.  He feels very vulnerable.  It does not particularly help that young man when our Florence piles on weight because she then feels less vulnerable, and more protected from her world.

On the other hand, our young man sometimes dreams of being overweight, and it is one of his most satisfying dreams.  Now those dreams are going to help him in his own manner, for he is already working on some concepts involving the planting of fields that will benefit the people in his village.

In his particular village, the elders believe that there is some merit to being overweight.  Our young man hates the Americans.  He believes that this is an opulent, luxurious, and wicked society, and yet he yearns toward it with all his heart.

Now our Florence is working with her own ideas of good and evil, searching for what she thinks of as an aesthetic and moral code that she can rely upon.  Her counterpart had that code, but found that he could not count upon it.  Each is working on the same series of challenges.  There are also two other counterparts.  Between the four of them, the century is being covered.  (To Florence:) I will tell you about that at another time.  It is not my suspense story – it is your own.

(To a guest:) One small note to our astrologer-in-spirit over there.  One tiny, wicked hint!  Each of you has a birthday that you recognize – one birthdate – but there are hidden variables, because of what I am saying here tonight, that do not apply in those charts because you have not thought of them.

Now in your terms only, these other counterparts are like latent patterns within your mind.  Echoes.  How many of you have actually thought of what the unconscious may be?  Or, the voices that you hear within your mind or heart?  Are they yours?  To what counterparts do they belong?  And yet each of you, in your own identity, has the right to do precisely as you wish, to form your own reality …

I will give you an example.  There is a member of the class – and I will close my innocent eyes so that I do not give the secret away – but there is a class member who is indeed a fine Jesuit, handling problems of great weight, having to do with the nature of religion.  There is a renegade priest who has been in this class, and who ran off to California; he likes to put the boot to theology and “do his own thing”.  There is also an extremely devout woman who lives in England.  All of these counterparts are dealing with the nature of religion.  They are experiencing versions of religion because it interests them.

[Each of] you will create the attributes of reality that interest you and work with them in your own way.  If you want to study the nature of religion and do a good job of it, then you must be among other things a skeptic and a believer, and an Indian and a Jew, say.  Otherwise you will not understand anything at all, and have a lopsided picture.  And you cannot know what it is to be black in this culture – you may not agree here – unless you are also white in it … Now I return you to yourselves and to your counterparts.

Session 713

Nothing exists outside the psyche, however, that does not exist within it, and there is no unknown world that does not have its psychological or psychic counterpart.

Session 712

To some extent or another, there are counterparts of all realities within your psyche.

Session 683

… It is quite possible, for example, for several selves to occupy a body, and were this the norm it would be easily accepted.  That implies another kind of multipersonhood, however, one actually allowing for the fulfillment of many abilities of various natures usually left unexpressed.  It also implies a freedom and organization of consciousness that is unusual in your system of reality, and was not chosen there.

… In some systems of physical existence, a multipersonhood is established, in which three or four “persons” emerge from the same inner self, each one utilizing to the best of its abilities those characteristics of its own.  This presupposes a gestalt of awareness, however, in which each knows of the activities of the others, and participates; and you have a different version of mass consciousness.

In the systems in which evolution of consciousness has worked in that fashion, all faculties of body and mind in one “lifetime” are beautifully utilized.  Nor is there any ambiguity about identity.  The individual would say, for example, “I am Joe, and Jane, and Jim, and Bob”.  There are physical variations of a sexual nature, so that on all levels identity includes the male and female.  Shadows of all such probabilities appear within your own system, as oddities.  Anything apparent to whatever degree in your system is developed in another.

Session 657

In a way that will be explained in another book for those interested in such matters, there is a kind of coincidence with all of these present points of power that exist between you and your “reincarnational” selves.  There are even biological connections in terms of cellular “memory”.

… those selves are different counterparts of yourself in creaturehood, experiencing bodily reality; but at the same time your organism itself shuts out the simultaneous nature of experience.

Session 520

… Quite literally, the “inner” self forms the body by magically transforming thoughts and emotions into physical counterparts …

Now whenever you think emotionally of another person, you send out a counterpart of yourself, beneath the intensity of matter, but a definite form.

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