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Appendix 17 - Altered States of Consciousness and Brain Wave Frequencies

Appendix 17: Altered States of Consciousness and Brain Wave Frequencies

Session 760

The beta waves quicken.  They seem to be the official pulses of your civilization, giving precedence to official reality, but you have little idea that the psyche is inherently able to seek its conscious experience from all of the known ranges, according to the kind of experience chosen at any given “time”.

Beta was not meant to carry the full weight of conscious activity, however, although its accelerating qualities can lead to initiations into “higher” realms of consciousness, where indeed the brain waves quicken.  The patterns (delta, theta, and alpha) are highly important to physical and mental stability, being very interwound with cellular consciousness.  In cases usually called schizophrenic, the beta acceleration is not supported by the stabilizing attributes of other known frequencies.

It is possible, then, for a brain to register all of the known patterns at once, though your machines would note only the predominating rhythm.

A kind of inverted beta pattern, difficult to describe, often appears suddenly in the midst of the other ranges, driving through them, accelerating consciousness to a higher degree of creativity.  The brain waves as they are known are separately registered segments of a greater “whole” kind of consciousness, and your machines are just as segmented, perceiving only those patterns [they were designed to recognize].  Other activity escapes them.  They cannot note the rapidity with which you move through all of the known patterns constantly.  This behavior can be learned by anyone willing to take the time and effort.  Some courage would also help.

I told you that you flashed in and out of the reality that you know.  In between one moment and the next of the waking day, there are, in your terms, long delta and theta waves that you cannot recognize.  They are not recorded by your machines because quite literally they go in a different “unofficial” direction.  Each official waking brain wave is a peak in your world of a far deeper “wave” of other experience, and represents your points of continuity.

Each beta wave rides atop the other patterns.  In normal sleep, the “conscious” wave rides beneath the others, with the face of consciousness turned inward, so to speak.  All the recognized characteristics of consciousness are “inverted”, probing other realities than the one you know.  They are quite effective and lightning fast.  In sleep the beta waves are not turned off – the “conscious” part of you, with its beta rhythms, is elsewhere.

In these sessions the full range of brain waves is utilized as you understand them.  Here, in a highly creative, disciplined, and yet spontaneous performance, a situation is set up in which knowledge is obtained from the known frequencies, combined so that consciousness can use itself more fully, reaching into many areas closed to one range of consciousness alone.  The various diverse, unique characteristics of each level of awareness are given play.  In a way this is like an accelerated, chosen, well-organized “conscious” dream venture, in which Ruburt travels through mediums of consciousness until finally he, still being himself, is nevertheless no longer himself, but me.

He is combining and alternating frequencies so that he literally brings forth a different creature of consciousness – one that in your terms is not alive, yet one whose very reality straddles the life that you know.  The most elemental portions of my reality begin at the furthest reaches of your own.

In sleep your ordinary brain waves as you understand them register a chaotic jungle of experience not normally processed.  Biologically or psychically, there is little need for such disorientation.  The normal waking consciousness, with its characteristic patterns, can indeed follow [into sleep].  A mixture of brain waves would result.  Consciousness as you think of it expands tremendously under such conditions.  You would follow your own pattern of continuity and understanding, weaving this into the sleep and dream states, forming a “new” pattern that triumphantly combines all, as to some extent this occurs in our sessions.

In an ideal society, each brain wave would be utilized purposefully.  You would go to sleep to solve certain problems … There is an overall general difference, nationally speaking – that is, people of various nations do differ to some extent in their prevalent brain frequencies … All in all, however, the beta has predominated, and has been expected to solve many problems unsuited to its own characteristics.

Despite your reliance upon one range only, your world of consciousness draws heavily upon all of the known wave patterns, and from others of which you are unaware.  For now, that is the end of this material, though I will continue it at any time at your request.

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