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Appendix 12 - Evolution


Session 44

… I have said that the mind cannot be detected by your instruments at present.  The mind does not take up space, and yet the mind is the value that gives power to the brain.  The mind expands continuously, both in individual terms and in terms of the species as a whole, and yet the mind takes up neither more nor less space, whether it be the mind of a flea or a man.

I have also said that basically the universe has no more to do with space in your terms than does the dream world.

Your idea of space is some completely erroneous conception of an emptiness to be filled.  Things – planets, stars, nebulae – come into being in this physical [camouflage] universe of yours, according to your latest theories, and this universe expands – pushed so that its sides bulge, so to speak, the outer galaxies literally bursting into nowhere.  True inner space is to the contrary vital energy, itself alive, possessing abilities of transformation, forming all existences, even the camouflage reality with which you are familiar, and which you attempt to probe so ineffectively.

This basic universe of which I speak expands constantly in terms of intensity and quality and value, in a way that has nothing to do with your idea of space.  The basic universe beneath all camouflage does not have an existence in space at all, as you envision it.  Space is a camouflage … This tinge of time is an attribute of the physical camouflage form only, and even then the relationship between time and ideas, and time and dreams, is a nebulous one … although in some instances parts of the inner universe may be glimpsed from the camouflage perspective of time; only, however, a small portion.

If the dream world, the mind, and the inner universe do exist, but not in space, and if they do not exist basically in time, though they may be glimpsed through time, then your question will be: In what medium or in what manner do they exist, and without time, how can they be said to exist in duration?  I am telling you that the basic universe exists behind all camouflage universes in the same manner, and taking up no space, that the mind exists behind the brain.  The brain is a camouflage pattern.  It takes up space.  It exists in time, but the mind takes up no space and does not have its basic existence in time.  You camouflage universe, on the other hand, takes up space and exists in time.

Nevertheless, the dream world, the mind, and the basic inner universe do exist … in what we call the value climate of psychological reality.  This is the medium.  This takes the place of what you call space.  It is a quality which makes all existences and consciousness possible.  It is one of the most powerful principles behind or within the vitality that itself composes from itself all other phenomena.

One of the main attributes of this value climate is spontaneity, which shows itself in the existence of the only sort of time that has any real meaning – that of the spacious present.

The spacious present does not contradict the existence of a future as you conceive it.  Now this may appear contradictory, but later I hope that you will understand this more clearly.  The spacious present, while existing spontaneously, while happening simultaneously, still contains within it qualities of duration.

I am giving it [this material] to you in as simple terms as possible.  If growth is one of the most necessary laws of your camouflage universe, value fulfillment corresponds to it in the inner-reality universe.

Now, the so-called laws of your camouflage physical universe do not apply to the inner universe.  They do not even apply to other camouflage planes.  However, the laws of the inner universe apply to all camouflage realities.  Some of these basic laws have counterparts known and accepted in various camouflage realities.  There are diverse manifestations of them, and names given to them.

These fundamental laws are followed on many levels in your own universe.  So far I have given you but one, which is value fulfillment.  In your physical universe this rule is followed as physical growth.  The entity follows it through the cycle of [simultaneous] reincarnations.  The species of mankind, and all other species in your universe on your particular horizontal plane, follow this law [value fulfillment] under the auspices of evolution.  In other camouflage realities, this law is carried through in different manners, but it is never ignored.

The second law of the inner universe is energy transformation.  This occurs constantly.  Energy transformation and value fulfillment, both existing within the spacious present [or at once], add up to a durability that is at the same time spontaneous … and simultaneous.

You may see what we are getting at here.  Our third law is spontaneity, and despite all appearances of beginning and end, of death and decay, all consciousnesses exist in the spacious present, in a spontaneous manner, in simultaneous harmony; and yet within the spacious present there is also durability.

Durability is our fourth law.  Durability within the framework of the spacious present would not exist were it not for the laws of value fulfillment and energy transformation.  These make duration within the spacious present not only possible but necessary …

Session 582

… He [Darwin] spent his last years proving it (evolution), and yet it has no real validity.  It has a validity within very limited perspectives only, for consciousness does, indeed, evolve form.  Form does not evolve consciousness.  It is according to when you come into the picture, and what you choose to observe … Consciousness did not come from atoms and molecules scattered by chance through the universe …

Now, if you had all been really paying attention to what I have been saying for some time about the simultaneous nature of time and existence, then you would have known that the theory of evolution is as beautiful a tale as the theory of Biblical creation.  Both are quite handy, and both are methods of telling stories, and both might seem to agree within their own systems, and yet, in larger respects they cannot be realities …

Within you, concepts and actions are one.  You recognize this, but your mental lives are often built around concepts that, until recently, have been considered very modern and very “in”, such as the idea of evolution … In actuality, life bursts apart in all directions as consciousness does.  There is no steady stream of progress.

Now last week, when Ruburt was speaking about the natives who are such expert dreamers, you asked: “But why are they not more progressive?”  Yet I know you realize that your own progress as a civilization will, in your terms, come to a halt unless you advance in other directions.  This is what your civilization is learning: that you cannot rape your planet, that life did not begin as some isolated [substance] that in the greater probabilities of existence met another [similar substance], and another, and then another, until a chain of molecules could be made and selves formed.  Using an analogy, neither does consciousness exist as simple organisms separated by vast distances, but as a complicated gestalt.

Session 690

… I have said that evolution does not exist as you think of it, in any kind of one-line ape-to-man sequence.  No other species developed in that manner, either.  Instead there are parallel developments.  Your time perception shows you but one slice of the whole cake, for instance.

In thinking in terms of consecutive time, however, evolution does not march from the past into the future.  Instead, precognitively the species is aware of those changes it wants to make, and from the “future” it alters the present state of the chromosomes and genes to bring about in the probable future the specific changes it desires.  Both above and below your usual conscious focus, then, time is experienced in an entirely different fashion, and is constantly manipulated, as physically you manipulate matter.

Session 23

… Because I say that you actually create the typical camouflage patterns of your own physical universe yourselves, by use of the inner vitality of the universe in the same manner that you form a pattern with your breath on a glass pane, I do not necessarily mean that you are the creators of the universe.  I am merely saying that you are creators of the physical world as you know it – and herein, my beloved friends, lies a vast tale.

Session 625

… Because you are flesh and blood creatures, the interior aspects of perception must have their physical counterparts.  But material awareness and bodily response to it would be impossible were it not for these internal web-works … I am saying that all exterior events, including your own bodies with their insides, all objects, all physical materializations, are the outside structures of inside ones that are composed by interior sound and invisible light, interwoven in electromagnetic patterns.

Beneath temporal perception, then, each object and event exists in these terms, in patterns that interact with each other.  On a physical level you seem to be separated from everything that is not yourself.  This is not true, but in your day-to-day existence it seems to be, and it is an assumption that you usually take for granted …

Again, we run into difficulties in explanation simply because there are few verbal equivalents for what I am trying to say.

A Session in Jane’s ESP Class

… in certain terms the theory of evolution as it is conventionally held, has caused unfortunate beliefs.  For how can you look at yourselves with self-respect, with dignity or with joy, if you believe that you are the end product of forces in which the fittest survive?  Being the fittest implies those given most to what would appear to be murderous intent – for you must survive at the expense of your fellows, be you leaf, frog, plant, or animal.

You do not survive through cooperation, according to that theory, and nature is not given a kind or creative intent, but a murderous one.  And if you see yourselves as the end result of such a species, then how can you expect goodness or merit or creativity from yourselves, or from others?  How can you believe that you live in a safe universe when each species exists because it survives through claw, if it must hunt and kill out of murderous intent, as implied in the theories of evolution and of reality itself?

So when you think of your beliefs and who you are, you must also think of your species, and how you are told your species came to be.  For your private beliefs are also based upon those theories, and the beliefs, culturally, of your times.

It is seldom that you really question your biological origins, what they mean, and how they interpret them.  Are you physically composed of murderous cells, then, each spontaneously out to get the others?  If so, your physical being is more miraculous a product than even I have ever told you!  If your cells did not cooperate so well, you would not be listening to this voice, and it would make no sound.  As you listen to me, the cooperative, creative adventure within your bodies continues, and in terms of continuity reaches back prehistorically and into the future. Because consciousness creates form with joy, there is no murder that you have not projected out of misunderstanding and ignorance of the nature of that consciousness.

Roots do not struggle to exist.  One species does not fight against the others to live.  Instead creativity emerges, and cooperatively the environment of the world is known and planned by all the species.  What appears to be struggle and death to you at those levels is not, now, for the experience of consciousness itself is different there, as is the experience of your own cellular composition.

In a Later, Private Session

Your body knows how to walk.  The knowledge is built in and acted upon.  The body knows how to heal itself, how to use its nourishment, how to replace its tissues – yet in your terms the body itself has no access to the kind of information the mind possesses.  Being so ignorant, how does it perform so well?

If it were scientifically inclined, the body would know that such spontaneous performance was impossible, for science cannot explain the reality of life itself in its present form, much less its origins.  Consciousness within the body knows that its existence is within the body’s context, and apart from it at the same time.

From a Class Session

In this reality, [each of] you very nicely emphasize all the similarities which bind you together; you make a pattern of them, and you very nicely ignore all the dissimilarities … If you were able to focus your attention on the dissimilarities, merely those that you can perceive but do not, then you would be amazed that mankind can form any idea of an organized reality.

Later Sessions After “Unknown” Reality

… There are verbal difficulties having to do with the definition of life. Because of the psychological strength of preconceived notions, I have to work around many of your concepts.  Your own kind of conscious mind is splendid and unique.  It causes you, however, to interpret all other kinds of life according to your own specifications and experiences.

There is no such thing, in your terms, as nonliving matter.  There is simply a point that you recognize as having the characteristics that you have arbitrarily ascribed to life, or living conditions.  For there is no particular point at which life was inserted into nonliving matter.

If we must speak in terms of continuity, which I regret, then in those terms you could say that life in the physical universe, on your planet, “began” spontaneously in a given number of species at the same time.  Words do nearly forsake me; the semantic differences are so vast.  In those terms there was a point where consciousness, through intent, impressed itself into matter.  That “breakthrough” cannot be logically explained, but only compared to, say, an illumination – that is, a light occurring everywhere at once, that became a medium for life as you define it.  It had nothing to do with the propensity of certain kinds of cells to reproduce – [all cells are] imbued with the “drive” for value fulfillment – but with an overall illumination that set the conditions in which life was possible as you think of it; and at that imaginary, hypothetical point, all species became latent.  The inner pulsations of the invisible universe reached certain intensities that “impregnated” the entire physical system simultaneously.  That illumination was everywhere then at every point aware of itself, and of the conditions formed by its presence.

At the same time, Electromagnetic Energy (EE) units became manifest.  I have said, for example, that the universe expands as an idea does, and so the visible universe sprang into being in the same manner.  The same energy that gave birth to the universe is, in those terms, still being created.  The EE units contain within themselves the latent knowledge of all of the various species that can emerge under those conditions.  It is according to your relative position. You can say that it took untold centuries for the EE units to “initially” combine, forming classifications of matter and various species, or you can say that this process happened at once.  In those terms the environment forms the species and the species form the environment.  There were fully developed men – that is, of full intellect, emotion, and will – living at the same time, in your terms, as those creatures supposed to be man’s evolutionary ancestors.

[However, as] you begin to question the nature of time itself, then the “when” of the universe is beside the point.  The motion and energy of the universe still comes from within.  I certainly realize that this is hardly a scientific statement – yet the moment that All That Is conceived of a physical system it was invisibly created, endowed with creativity, and bound to emerge [into physical reality].

There is a design and a designer, but they are so combined, the one with the other, the one within and the one without, that it is impossible to separate them.  The creator is within its creations, and the creations themselves are gifted with creativity.  The world comes to know itself, to discover itself, for the planner left room for divine surprise, and the plan was nowhere foreordained.  Nor is there anywhere within it anything that corresponds to your “survival of the fittest” theories.

… In your terms of history, man appeared in several different ages – not from an animal ancestor in the way generally supposed.  There were men-animals, but they were not your stock.  They did not “lead” to anything.  They were species in their own right.

There were animal-men.  The terms are for your convenience.  In some species the animal-like tendencies predominated, in others the manlike tendencies did so: Some were more like men, some more like animals.  The Russian steppes had a particular giant-sized species.  Some also I believe in Spain – that area.

There is considerable confusion, for that matter, as to the geological ages as they are understood.  Such species existed in many of these ages.  Man, as you think of him, shared the earth with the other creatures just mentioned.  In those terms so-called modern man, with your skull structure and so forth, existed alongside of the creatures now supposed to be his ancestors.

There was some rivalry among these groups, as well as some cooperation.  Several species, say, of modern man died out.  There was some mating among these groups – that is, among the groups in existence at any given time.

The brain capacities of your particular species have always been the same … Many of the man-animal groups had their own communities.  To you they may seem to have been limited, yet they combined animal and human characteristics beautifully, and they used tools quite well.  In a manner of speaking they had the earth to themselves for many centuries, in that modern man did not compete with them.

Both the man-animals and the animal-men were born with stronger instincts.  They did not need long periods of protection as infants, but in an animal fashion were physically more agile at younger ages than, say, the human infant.

The earth has gone through entire cycles unsuspected by your scientists.  Modern man, then, existed with other manlike species, and appeared in many different places on the earth, and at different ages.

There were then also animal-man and man-animal civilizations of their kinds, and there were complete civilizations of modern man, existing [long] before the ages now given for, say, the birth of writing.

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