Saturday, November 30, 2019

Our quantum signature

The Transcendors channelled a session entitled "Fingerprints of the Soul".  In today's Ramtha quote he describes that finger print at the level of quantum states and matter.

“All of you have created what we call quantum states, and the quantum state is exactly where Mr. Bohm’s implicate and explicate order are.  All of you have a specific quantum state.  It is your signature.  Who is the creator of your state? You are, because your very large body in this enormous, immense consciousness came from all those particles and is governed by all those particles.  No thing large or small exists without life.
“The mind that has encountered and created on every one of those levels, in a rite of passage, got to unfold here.”
(Ramtha:  Parallel Lifetimes, Fluctuations in the Quantum Field)

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