Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Magical Approach

“The magical approach takes it for granted, in the simplest terms, that the life of any individual will fulfill itself, will develop and mature, that the environment and the individual are uniquely suited and work together.  This sounds very simple.  In verbal terms, however, those are the beliefs (if you will) of each cell [in your body].  They are imprinted in each chromosome, in each atom.  They provide a built-in faith that pervades each living creature, each snail, each hair on your head.  Those ingrained beliefs are, of course, biologically pertinent, providing the impetus of all growth and development.
“Each cell believes in a better tomorrow.  I am, I admit, personifying our cell here, but the statement has a firm truth.  Furthermore, each cell contains within itself a belief and an understanding of its own inevitability.  It knows it lives beyond its death, in other words.

“The magical approach takes it for granted that the human being is a united creature, fulfilling purposes in nature even as the animals do, whether or not those purposes are understood.  The magical approach takes it for granted that each individual has a future, a fulfilling one, even though death may be tomorrow.  The magical approach takes it for granted that the means for development are within each individual, and that fulfillment will happen naturally.  Overall, that approach operates in your world.  If the worst was bound to happen, as the scientists certainly think, even evolution, in their terms, would have been impossible, of course – a nice point to put somewhere.
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living, Session Three)

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