Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Enlarged scope of identity

“One of the intellect’s main purposes is to give you a conscious choice in a world of probabilities.  To do that properly the intellect is to make clear, concise decisions, on its level, of matters that are its concern, and therefore to present its own picture of reality to add to the entire construct.  On the one hand, you have been told to identify yourselves almost completely with your intellects.  On the other hand, you have been taught that the intellect, the “flower of consciousness”, is a frail, vulnerable adjunct – again, a chance creation, without meaning and without support – without support because you believe that “beneath it” lie “primitive, animalistic, bloody instincts”, against which reason must exert what strength it has.
Despite all of that, men and women still find the solutions to many of their problems by rediscovering the larger sense of identity – a sense of identity that accepts the intuitions and the feelings, the dreams and the magic hopes as vital characteristics, not adjuncts, of personhood.  When I tell you to remember your own natural persons, I do then want to remind you not to identify with your intellects alone, but to enlarge your scopes of identity.  Automatically those other, often-shunted-aside characteristics begin to add their richness, fulfillment, and vitality to your lives effortlessly.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative LivingSession Six)

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