Wednesday, August 1, 2018

"Master Events" and time

When you read today’s Seth it is easy to see how little we “understand” about physical reality.  

Physicists have postulated the Big Bang and Big Bounce as the “start” of our universe … but that is just the start of their mathematical descriptions and it provides no insight at all as to how the whole shebang began.  The source of our reality is beyond intellectual understanding.  

The Qabalists got this and recognized that the perceived universe actually arises in each moment … something Dogen and some of the Buddhists understood and something that a small group of physicists (such as Julian Barbour and Carlos Rovelli) seem to understand.  

All this to say that modern science is hypnotized by its mathematical “descriptions” and instruments.  True “science” has to start with understanding consciousness and exploring the unseen dimensions of the Mind that is dreaming this reality.

“Now, master events, then, involve “work” or action whose main thrust exists outside of time, yet whose effects are felt within time.
“Such effects may appear suddenly within time’s context, rather than slowly emerge, say, into that framework.  It is, of course, that kind of outside-of-time activity that in your terms explains the origin of the universe.  There are dimensions of activity, then, that do not appear within time’s structure, and developments that happen quite naturally, following different laws of development than those you recognize.  It is not just that highly accelerated versions of time can occur at other levels of actuality, but that there are dimensions in which those [versions] are no impediments to the natural “flow” of events into expression.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 928)

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