Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Dreams are social events

When reading today’s Seth, I think there is a distinction between dreams with active participation of one or more “others” versus a “private” dream where we play out probabilities by running scripts built upon our beliefs about another person or collective.  That said, the information from that seemingly “private” dream is still shared at other levels.  That’s a side effect of oneness … at some level all thoughts and feelings (both conscious and dreamed) are shared.  What differs is the focus, the clarity of the perception.  The “further” away the awareness is the more abstract it becomes.  

It also pays to bear in mind that the dreams we recall are basically translations/simplifications of far deeper, more abstract events into symbols that we can relate to which convey a feeling and a gestalt of awareness … a superficial glimpse of the unknowable.

“Yet (remembering what I said about seeming contradictions), your dreams are also social events of a kind, and the state of dreaming can almost be thought of as an inner public forum in which each man and woman has his or her say, and in which each opinion, however unpopular, is taken into consideration.  If you want to call any one dream event a private event, then I would have to tell you that that private event actually was your personal contribution to a larger multisided dream event, many-layered, so that one level might deal with the interests of a group to which you belong – say your family, or your political or religious organization – reaching “outward” to the realm of national government and world affairs. As your private conscious life is lived in a community setting of one kind or another as a rule, so do your dreams take place in the same context, so that as you dream for yourself, to some extent you also dream for your own family, for your community, and for the world.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 933)

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