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Seth Early Sessions, Vol 5, Session 234

Now. Back to our probabilities.

The field of probable events exists as a reality. From it the self chooses those actions which shall become a part of physical reality. Here indeed free will enters into the matter. This is a pun. I would be disappointed if it were missed. It is a good one.

Now. Often clairvoyant information will appear to be wrong. In some cases this is because a different probable event has been chosen by a self for physical materialization. I have access to the field of probabilities and you do not—egotistically, you do not. I have access to your so-called past. I can view your present. To me your past, present and future merge into one.

(This reminds me that on page 58 of the 206th session, Seth briefly described what he usually "sees" of us, or any witnesses, during a session. Unless he narrows his focus and concentration to concentrate upon the present individual during a session, Seth told us he sees a composite image, an energy reality that is composed of past personalities, and in many cases also of future personalities that will be adopted by the inner self)

On the other hand as I have told you, your past continually changes. It does not appear to change to you, for you change with it. You are not aware of the changes that have come about. The question of clairvoyance however is not at issue with information given concerning your past. Your future changes as your past changes. But clairvoyant information deals with the future, that is, precognitive clairvoyant information, and it is here that the issue shows itself.

We shall consider an example. Suppose that in the past you sat behind a John X in grade four. At the time you sat behind him, you liked him very much.  He was then an agreeable fellow, and you considered him as such.

In grade six, let us suppose that you had a severe disagreement with this same John X, and then you disliked him thoroughly. He was a disagreeable fellow in your perceptions.

In twelfth grade you become fast friends. He is once again an agreeable fellow. You know him for several following years. Someone who is supposed to have psychic abilities looks into your past, and tells you that you sat behind a most disagreeable child. Most unlikeable in the earliest grade, and mentions the name John X.

You think that the information is wrong, for John X, you are convinced, is a friend of yours, has always been a friend of yours, and consciously you are convinced that you have always found him agreeable. Consciously you have forgotten the past, and you have remade it.

In most cases however it is the future in which you are interested. The future changes. You change it, in the same manner that you have changed the past. In such cases it is necessary that the correct channel of probable events be perceived, correct meaning the channel which shall ultimately be chosen. And the choice is dependent upon your choices in both past and present.

These choices however are based upon your changing perceptions of past and present. Because I have a larger scope of perception than you, I can with much greater facility predict what may happen. But this is dependent upon my prediction as to which choice you will make, and the choice is still your own.

Predictions, per se, do not contradict the theory of free will, though free will is dependent upon much more than any freedom of the ego alone. If the ego were allowed to make all the choices, with no veto power from other layers of the self, you would all be in a sad position indeed.

(Seth has spoken on free will at various times.  Much of this has been incorporated in discussions on the God concept and psychic gestalts. See the following sessions among others: 3, 4, 31, 35, 49, 66, 81, 95-97, 135, 146-49, 151. Volumes 1 to 4)

I can therefore perceive far more than you can of your own future.

I am hardly omnipotent, however. Nor, strictly speaking, is such omnipotence possible. Now. Ruburt, generally speaking, has been doing very well in utilizing the energy available to him from other portions of the self, and in so doing he has indeed picked up clairvoyant information of which he is not aware on a conscious level.

He does now and then need a rest from such matters however, and the release of purely physical stimuli and enjoyments. He needs to throw himself occasionally into other activities. When he does not do so he tries too hard, and the very attempt throws him back on his own nervous energy.

I will endeavor to warn him of the beginning of such episodes, as of now, so that they will never become extended. Such depletions minimize the ability of the inner self to draw upon all the available information from other layers of the self, concerning the field of probabilities.

The available events are not fully perceived on a subconscious level, and therefore choice is limited. When he is operating at his best he remembers his dreams very easily, and this can be a guide point for you both.

(True, Jane has had trouble remembering her dreams lately, and for that matter so have I.  She had also been quite tired at the end of sessions, as noted; whereas she usually feels better than at the beginning.)

Once more, the field of probabilities does not consist of imaginative fancy, nor of nebulous activity. It is quite as real as the physical universe. The experiences that are encountered there by other portions of the self are used by the whole self, and the knowledge thus gained is invaluable. Not only in terms of overall experience, but also as a means of training the ego, and the subconscious, to choose between various activities.

All of this data is instantly available to layers of the self, and only the ego is not aware of this field. It would be snowed under completely. Now, this field of probabilities has existed in your past, and formed your present.

It constantly expands, as does your own universe. It is never static. From it you choose those patterns of thought which you will weave into the physical matter of your universe. The dreaming self sees both fields, and operates in each.  Il should be realized that the probable self also has its dreams.

This probable field seeds many other systems beside the one physical system with which you are familiar. The probable field is strongly composed of thought images, not physically materialized, but extremely vivid and actual storehouses of energy. Here is the material from which all pasts and presents and futures are made.

It is far from a closed system in any way. Not only does it feed the physical universe, but in it many aspects of your own dreams become actual. Do you dream of an apple? Do you dream of a child, who has no existence in physical reality? Often these exist in the field of probability.

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