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Experiencing Probabilities

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 5, Session 232

Some of the information that I gave you in our last session, concerning the portions of the self, seem rather alien, I am sure. Do not forget however that you are not even aware of many portions of the self that you know intellectually do exist. So it is not so strange to imagine other portions of the self with which you are not at all familiar in any conscious way.

The workings of any cell within your physical body would strike you as quite alien. Its ways of perception are different. Each cell is an intimate part of your reality, and yet consciously you are not as familiar with it as you are with the rug upon your floor.

The self enclosed within the physical system is indeed only a small portion of the whole self. The portion that deals with probabilities is as much a part of you as any cell within your physical body. It simply deals with different kinds of reality and so does the cell.

Now. This system of probabilities is quite as real and actual as the system with which you are familiar, and you exist in it whether or not you realize it.

You simply are not focused within it, or your attention is not focused within it. You sometimes become aware of it when you are in the dream state. Now I have told you that these images have a reality, beside an imaginative reality.

(This discussion began in the 41st session. See Volume 1.)

Now, probabilities exist in the same manner. They simply are not concrete for you, as dreams are not concrete for you. You may dream for example of holding an apple, then wake up and the apple is gone. This does not mean that the apple did not exist. It simply means that in the waking state you are not aware of its reality. You do not experience it, or perceive it. In the same manner you do not perceive or experience physically the actuality of probable events.

Now a portion of you may be quite involved in these probable events. Another portion of yourself therefore is concerned here, and a portion with which you are not ordinarily familiar.

The system of probabilities is not as easily perceived even as those events that exist within the dream state, for with these you are familiar, while you are in the dream state. Often the ego is even made aware of dream events. Now the self that is the I of your dreams can quite legitimately be compared to the self that experiences probable events.

For that matter, some intuitive understanding of the inverted time system can be achieved through a study of time as it appears to the dreamer.

Let us consider the following. The individual within your system - and this is quite simplified - an individual finds himself with a choice of three actions. He chooses one of these and experiences it within the physical field. The other two actions are experienced however, but not within the physical system. The results of the other two actions are perceived by the inner ego.

The results are then checked by the inner ego against the action that was chosen for actuality within the physical system. These results are then sent to certain portions of the subconscious, where through this information knowledge is gained as to whether or not the ego and the subconscious made the best decision under the circumstances.

The results are retained, to be checked against future decisions, and to be used by the physical self as an aid in making future decisions. The probable actions were definitely perceived and experienced however, and these experiences make up the existence of this other portion of the self, as indeed dream actions make up the experience and existence of the dream self, or of the I as it exists within the dream state.

Now through hypnosis it has been ascertained that this dreaming I has memory of its past existence, which is made up of past dreams. You may call this the dreaming personality if you prefer, but it amounts to another self. Now the I who experiences probable events, not chosen for experience in the physical universe, has the same kind of identity and memory as this dream self. There is a constant subconscious interchange of information between these portions of the self.

If you must think in layers to make this clearer, then this probable self would exist on the other side of the subconscious from the ego.

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