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Parallel States, Parallel Lifetimes

“If we are talking about parallel states, parallel lifetimes, we would be talking about parallel experience possibilities.  We have learned that a constant quantum field state is a state and it does not process the past, present, or the future as anything but what the state is, so there is no time.
“The nature of a parallel or shadow state of the quantum field would be that by altering or changing any of the landscape of this present state, according to its quantum arrangement, we have changed or repositioned the arrangement of experiential particles.  If we alter anything in this state, we have created a parallel state.  So, are there indeed shadow states that are yours?  Are there indeed parallel states which would form, indeed, your mind because they would be inextricably combined and be the pattern which your life would follow, the pattern of what would and wouldn’t be in your life?  Are there alternate states that would suggest simultaneous lifetimes?”
(Ramtha:  Parallel Lifetimes, Fluctuations in the Quantum Field)

Seth answers these questions in the following quote from "The Early Class Sessions", Book 1:

First of all, you must forget words like purpose and time. For as you have learned, they will impede your progress. They are limiting words. We shall give you better ones. I shall have to make up a dictionary for you. I will give you a vocabulary test. Pronunciation, meaning and spelling. Now as far as possible, you should divest yourselves of words that limit your concept. You must pretend that you are learning a new language and indeed you are. The language with which we are working, however, deals with far more than words. We must use words as you are aware of them. The words are all that shows, but beneath those words are actualities and realities. We can only hint at these with the use of words, and this is why we must be very careful as to which words we use. We must be very choosy and I know indeed that you are all very choosy people since you are here.

You are each a center and a focus point and an individuality, and around you are circling realities and you have an existence in each of these. The inner self is aware, but the conscious self is not aware. It seems to you as you read the session that you are small and tiny, with reality spinning about you that you can neither see nor understand, but this is not the case, for a part of you does know. You are a part of these encircling realities and your dreams and thoughts and wishes affect those realities even though you are not consciously aware of this. And when you pluck a finger into the air, then you disturb and change and alter other realities that you cannot see nor touch, and other realities in which a finger, as a finger, does not exist. One thought sends out ripples that change and alter. One of your own dreams rising out from you as its center, it touches and changes these other realities. There is no feeling that you have, there is no word that you utter, there is no thought hidden in the deepest environment of your brain that does not have a reality different than the one you know. That does not reach out and change and grow and alter worlds of which you have no knowledge.

So do not feel that you are powerless, do not feel that you are at the mercy of events, for you form events not only in this reality, but in these other realities which you do not consciously understand. Each move that you make is not multiplied a million times, not simply multiplied, but it reaches out and changes and alters and affects these other realities and it becomes a new action. It becomes a new action as it approaches and reaches other realities, and it in turn initiates action. For it will meet with responses, and these responses will be different. There is nothing that goes on in this room when you are here that goes on in this room alone. These meetings occur in this room, but they also occur in other realities, and when you come here to this class you are also attending a class on another level, and you are not aware of those classes, though I am aware of them. I am very aware of them, for while our friend Ruburt gives this class, I have been giving other classes and you have all been there. Education takes place on many levels.

A portion of yourselves exist also in many other realities. When these classes in this room are in progression, other portions of your own personality are attending other classes. You are fairly decent students on all levels, though I have not given you an A—that is because I am a difficult teacher. Now. This is an analogy—replicas of this room containing each of you exists now as you think of now in many other realities. Ruburt will explain electrical reality from our sessions. He will explain probabilities to you from our sessions. And you will see that while you are aware of simply one room and one time, and one evening and one class in your present moment, there are other rooms and other classes and you sit in them all. And each of you are given information according to the developments and characteristics of that particular portion of yourself who is attending.

In your terms, you are hanging out in space with nothing to support you and our friend here would be terrified of falling. You know that the physical floor does not support you, but you must pretend that the physical floor supports you or you would be dizzier than you are. So also at this moment in other realities do you sit, replicas of yourselves in other rooms and in other classes. And each moment as you know it, with this activity as you know it, exists in other realities, and you are a portion of these realities and you affect them. As you go out and speak to others now, and change them, so on other levels do you do the same, and so indeed are you also changed and affected.

This room could disconnect itself from this apartment building and go sailing blithely through space. And yet under many circumstances you would not be aware of it, for within the room if it sailed about evenly, the perspective would still be the same. And unless you looked out of the windows you would notice no change. But if the windows were sealed and closed, you would not know the difference, and so until you learn to look out of the windows to the inner selves, then you will not realize what your own environment consists of. For the perspective where you look is the same, and you have nothing to judge experience against.

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