Thursday, August 31, 2017

Seth advice to Rob concerning his painting

This is interesting advice to Rob Butts as an artist (one of many such pieces of advice given to Rob throughout the Seth sessions).

I particularly like this line:

"All time is simultaneous.  Only the illusion of time on each of your parts keeps you from greeting each other”

The corollary to this is very powerful: that Rob’s painting builds bridges between these incarnations.  

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to do a bit of past and future life “recall” (it’s apparently a thing I do in this lifetime).  Once one starts living the idea of simultaneous lifetimes, then priorities in this lifetime change a bit.  One starts thinking about value fulfillment of the collective of all one’s incarnations instead of just taking a narrowly focused view on the current lifetime.

For example, about 20 years ago I was presented with an opportunity to lead a large Year 2000 program.  At the time, there were no takers and everyone thought Y2K was mission impossible.  I jumped in, seeing it as a chance of a lifetime (actually, a chance of a millennium!).  Later, I spoke with the Transcendors about this and their comments were interesting.  Apparently, the major reason why I was drawn to this opportunity was to the benefit of a lifetime in the future.  Conversely, my ongoing exploration of physics, metaphysics and spirituality in this lifetime is adding to the knowledge of several lifetimes in the ancient past.  What is neat about this … it works both ways:  those lifetimes add to the value fulfillment of this one once those psychic bridges are built!

Enjoy the moment, and think outside time and space!

“Your painting was meant to bring out from the recesses of your being the accumulation of your knowledge in the form of images – not of people you might meet now on the street, but portraits of the residents of the mind.  The residents of the mind are very real.  In a certain fashion, they are your parents more than your parents were, and when you express their realities, they are also expressing yours.  All time is simultaneous.  Only the illusion of time on each of your parts keeps you from greeting each other.  To some extent, when you paint such portraits you are forming psychic bridges between yourself and those other selves: Your own identity as yourself grows.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 834)

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