Monday, August 28, 2017

Waking Up

When we read today’s Seth about 40 years after it was dictated, we can see the almost runaway fascination with technology that is evolving in what we think of as “advanced” societies.  There are more and more distractions which pull us into the vortex of automation, mass media, artificial intelligence and artificial reality.  It’s ironic that we are developing virtual (aka artificial) realities when we already live in an illusion!

Technology isn’t evil, it’s just a phase that humanity is exploring.  The Transcendors said years ago that the internet is a precursor (a technology crutch) that could lead to a reawakening of our human telepathic senses that we’ve been trained to ignore.  In many ways, we’re like children playing with children’s toys and playing (deadly) games of war … eventually we wake up!

“As a species, you have developed what can almost be called a secondary nature – a world of technology in which you also now have your existence, and complicated social structures have emerged from it.  To develop that kind of structure necessitated a division between subjective and objective worlds.  Now, however, it is highly important that you realize your position, and accomplish the manipulation of consciousness that will allow you to take true conscious responsibility for your actions and your experience.

“You can “come awake” from your normal waking state, and that is the natural next step for consciousness to follow – one for which your biology has already equipped you.  Indeed, each person does attain that recognition now and then.  It brings triumphs and challenges as well.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 830)

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