Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thoughts and Feelings have reality in Framework 2

Our 3rd-dimensional consciousness fundamentally has dimensions of thought and feelings combined in a synergistic way.  In  the psychological domain of Framework 2 this consciousness is very real, creating things like “thought forms”, events, and other flows of conscious energy.  In many respects our physical bodies can be viewed as a thought form.  Note that in Framework 2 thoughts and feelings are more important than objects - because they give rise to objects and other events.

If Framework 2 was likened to a deep ocean, then physical reality (Framework 1) would be like its surface waves.  The flows and movements in the depths of the ocean give rise to patterns of waves on the surface … like the pattern of waves we see as physical reality.

Our Inner Self is creating 3-D physical snapshots forming our body in a spacetime context on earth (with our buddies) and organizing these in such a way as to make it look like time is passing.  I guess this means that each of us is “The Greatest Show on Earth”!

“In simple terms, your body has an invisible counterpart in Framework 2.  During life that counterpart is so connected with your own physical tissues, however, that it can be misleading to say that the two – the visible and invisible bodies – are separate.  In the same way that your thoughts have a reality in Framework 2, and only for the sake of a meaningful analogy, thoughts could be said to be the equivalent, now, of objects; for in Framework 2 thoughts and feelings are far more important even than objects are in physical reality.

“In Framework 2 thoughts instantly form patterns.  They are the “natural elements” in that psychological environment that mix, merge, and combine to form, if you will, the psychological cells, atoms, and molecules that compose events.  In those terms, the physical events that you perceive or experience can be compared to “psychological objects” that appear to exist with a physical concreteness in space and time.  Such events usually seem to begin somewhere in space and time, and clearly end there as well.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 826)

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