Sunday, August 20, 2017


Imagination (and intuition) are bridges between physical reality (Framework 1) and the Inner World of Framework 2 from which our physical reality moments arise.  

From one perspective, we dream (or imagine) our individual and collective physical experience.  From another perspective we “colour” our physical experience with our imagination.  

The power of idea and the force of imagination are highly visible in mainstream media, advertising, political rhetoric, movies, TV, etc.  It looks to me like human kind is struggling to find a way to constructively use imagination given the power of the communication networks that have been developed over the last century or so.  We need to imagine a future where humankind is successful … the world needs more of that!

“Again, man directs his existence through the use of his imagination – a feat that does distinguish him from the animals.  What connects people and separates them is the power of idea and the force of imagination.  Patriotism, family loyalty, political affiliations – the ideas behind these have the greatest practical applications in your world.  You project yourselves into time like children through freely imagining your growth.  You instantly color physical experience and nature itself with the tints of your unique imaginative processes.  Unless you think quite consistently – and deeply – the importance of the imagination quite escapes you, and yet it literally forms the world that you experience and the mass world in which you live.”

“The world of the imagination is indeed your contact with your own source.  Its characteristics are the closest to those in Framework 2 that you can presently encounter.”

“Your experience of history, of the days of your life, is invisibly formed by those ideas that exist in imagination only, and then are projected upon the physical world.  This applies to your individual beliefs about yourself and the way you see yourself in your imagination.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 829)

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