Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We have impact

It’s easy to think that we don’t matter …. that we don’t affect the objective world.  This comes about because of our dualistic thought process which tends to objectivize everything that we don’t see as us.  That is the delusion of the illusion we call physical reality.

Seth points out that our underlying intents actually shape the world around us.  As noted in an earlier quote, this shaping is done to ensure a collective win-win … value fulfillment for all the players.

“Your mental life deals with psychological events, obviously, but beneath so-called normal awareness the child grows toward the mental body of events that will compose his or her life.  Those unique intents that characterize each individual exists in Framework 2, then – and with birth those intents immediately begin to impress the physical world of Framework 1.

“Each child’s birth changes the world, obviously, for it sets up an instant psychological momentum that begins to affect action in Framework 1 and Framework 2 alike.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 827)

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