Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Framework 2

Today’s Seth gives a bit of a description of Framework 2.  It’s really mind blowing to think that all possibilities (past, present and future) and all incarnations (past, present, future, on earth and elsewhere) are all there being lived as probabilities in the Inner World.  We just take a snapshot of some of these and call it a life.  The interesting thing is that when we manifest a moment, smell the roses, taste the coffee, etc. - the very act of sensing these moments and making choices changes the space of probabilities and can even create new possibilities.  Now that is real magic!

Framework 2 is sometimes referred to as the Multiverse … the universe of all possibilities.  Metatron refers to the Omni Earth to describe the set of all possibilities surrounding Gaia … this doesn’t just include the present; rather it also includes all pasts, all futures, all people that ever were, will, or could be incarnated, etc.  In terms of the Qabalah, I like to think of the Astral plane as the plane of all probabilities and the Causal plane of all possibilities.  

At any rate, we’re there in Framework 2 having a glorious time making 3D movies that we know of as life!

Have fun!

“You must understand that in a manner of speaking, Framework 2 is on the one hand an invisible version of the physical universe.  On the other hand, however, it is far more than that, for it contains within it probable variations of that universe – from the most cosmic scale, say, down to probable versions of the most minute events of any given physical day.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 826)

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