Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Multidimensional events

It’s fun to imagine the full extent and multidimensionality of each event.  It’s relatively easy to get the idea that Framework 2 has more than three or four dimensions … even our scientists have come to the conclusion that there must be more dimensions, or even that the whole thing is a giant hologram!  We can get a few glimpses in meditation, but the true depth and extent of an event is ultimately unknowable to our current consciousness.

As an example, in the Early Sessions, Rob asked Seth about Quasars and the unbelievable amounts of energy they must produce.  Seth pointed out that what we see as Quasars are just 3D glimpses of massive multidimensional consciousnesses brushing by our universe.  Wow!

“Your ideas of individuality hamper you to a large extent.  To one extent or another, again, each portion of consciousness, while itself, contains [the] potentials of all consciousnesses.  Your private information about the world is not nearly as private as you suppose, therefore, for behind the experience of any one event, each of you possesses information pertaining to other dimensions of the same event that you do not ordinarily perceive.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 827)

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