Friday, August 11, 2017

Wired for Win-Win

Today’s Seth is a good one in that it reminds us that we, individually and collectively, are wired for individual fulfillment and fulfillment collectively as humanity, Gaia, etc.  

It often doesn’t seem that way because we’re so narrowly focused in time and space.  

Also, we tend to misuse thinking by moving our thought processes to past events or anticipated future events.  Elias has pointed out that thought was meant to translate sensed communication (from the physical senses as well as imagination and intuition from the Inner Self).  When we place our attention on thoughts about the past memories, the thought machine generates sensory input by recreating emotions from the past (called looping) which then sends bogus information to the Inner Self about the present (because we’re not actually paying attention to the present since we’re paying attention to our thoughts about the past or future).  This process gets in the way of the innate state of grace that surrounds our being.  

I suppose that is why people often say: “Let go and let God” … that “God” is the Inner Self in communion with the collective … after all we are “godlets” as John Van Auken often says!

Feel the moment and enjoy the moment … it’s our path to fulfillment!

“At birth, each person is automatically equipped with the capacity toward natural growth that will most completely satisfy its own abilities – not at the expense of others, but in an overall context in which the fulfillment of each individual assures the fulfillment of each other individual.

“In those terms there is “an ideal” psychological pattern to which you are yourself intimately connected.  The inner ego constantly moves you in that direction.  On the other hand, that pattern is not rigid, but flexible enough to take advantage of changing circumstances, even as a plant will turn toward the sun though you move it from room to room while the sunlight varies its directions.  The inner ego does not exist in time as you do, however, so it relies upon your assessment of situations with which your reasoning is equipped to cope.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 826)

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