Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hold Positive Thoughts and Feelings

I love the fact that the universe is wired for constructive developments!  

Positive thoughts are sometimes likened to a light … a light which dispels darkness.  Darkness, on the other hand, is incapable of smothering light.

At times, when we look at world events through the lens of our media, it’s easy to get depressed and to think that mankind is doomed.  Seth rightly points out that, if that were indeed the case, humanity wouldn’t be here now. The best thing we can do to influence the world situation and our local environment is to think of positive possibilities and to radiate joy and love.  It’s really a lot of fun doing that because all the while you feel full of vitality in the process.  

The universe (i.e. Framework 2) really responds to the vibration (aka feelings) that we hold, more than to the words that we speak.  We can repeat all the “right" mantras but if we hold an inner feeling of failure, or negativity, the mantra has no energy  behind it to attract what we are asking for. Instead, we attract the failure that we feel.  Holding a positive viewpoint and joyfully and confidently feeling that joy is the key.  

Lazaris has said that our "tools of manifestations" are desire, imagination and expectation.  Desire is the energy that propels us toward our imagined future while expectation is the firm belief that conscious manifestation works.  You can see that negative feelings result in an underlying negative desire, along with imagined negative futures and plus a firm expectation that the negative future is our unchangeable destiny.  Holding positive thoughts and feelings is a "triple whammy!" attracting positive outcomes.  

Our logical brains (in Framework 1) are very limited (relative to the freedom of mind and spirit in Framework 2) in terms of its range of perception and scope.  It is no surprise then that most of our thoughts about events can turn negative … a result of the human brain being wired for survival in Framework 1 and, thus, it is generally better at imagining negative outcomes.  Consequently, if we focus on “logical" outcomes in Framework 1 (the world of words and physical reality) we can get hypnotized into seeing impending gloom and doom.  Framework 1 will then faithfully reproduce that outcome because it appears to our psyche in Framework 2 that that is what we really want (what we desire, imagine and expect).

The domain of mind and the universe (aka Framework 2) contains all possibilities over all space and all time in a living gestalt of conscious energy ... now that is the ultimate "Big Picture".  Genuinely feeling our innate state of grace ... a state of gratitude, love and joy ... enables our psyche to attract joy-filled, fulfilling events into our awareness ... i.e. to deliver magic (magic is anything that we can't logically foresee with our limited brains!).

Feel our intrinsic state of grace in every moment and let Framework 2 do its magic!

“Thoughts have what we will for now term electromagnetic properties.  In those terms, your thoughts mix and match with others in Framework 2, creating mass patterns that form the overall psychological basis behind world events.  Again, however, Framework 2 is not neutral, but automatically inclined toward what we will here term good or constructive developments.  It is a growth medium.  Constructive or “positive” feelings or thoughts are more easily materialized than “negative” ones, because they are in keeping with Framework 2’s characteristics.

“If that were not the case, your own species would not have existed as long as it has.” 

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 826)

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