Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Today’s Seth points to the fact that reality follows our imagination and emotion while we are conditioned to think it’s the other way around.  This is like driving your car by looking through the rear window.  No wonder our lives often seem to go off the rails!

Lazaris has said that the tools of manifestation are:  desire, imagination and expectation.  Expectation is the belief that what we desire and imagine can actually manifest … something we’re often conditioned not to believe in!  Each moment of manifestation is a physical representation of our:  attitudes and beliefs, thoughts and feelings, choices and decisions (collectively referred to as the raw materials of manifestation).  

Seth’s quote shows the primacy of these tools and raw materials.  It also shows that we’ve been conditioned to see causality (cause and effect) and reality backwards:  i.e. we take our 3D, linear time, dualistic representations called moments of physical experience to be what is real.  True enlightenment is undoing that conditioning.

“Your world and everything in it exists first in the imagination, then.  You have been taught to focus all of your attention upon physical events, so that they carry the authenticity of reality for you.  Thoughts, feelings, or beliefs appear for you.  Thoughts, feelings, or beliefs appear to be secondary, subjective – or somehow not real – and they seem to rise in response to an already established field of physical data.

“You usually think, for example, that your feelings about a given event are primarily reactions to the event itself.  It seldom occurs to you that the feelings themselves might be primary, and that the particular event was somehow a response to your emotions, rather than the other way around.  The all-important matter of your focus is largely responsible for your interpretation of any event.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 830)

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