Sunday, August 13, 2017

Everything is conscious ... and loving

It’s difficult to really get it that everything is consciousness and that everything is working to the fulfillment of everything else. Seth has said that many times before and that the underlying “system" is wired for win-win … otherwise life and earth would have been extinguished eons ago.  

Even the relatively simple idea that Gaia, our planet Earth, is an alive, conscious being is one of those easy to say but hard to live concepts.  I remember once in a group meditation my mind wandered and I wondered what the Sun’s gravity feels like to Earth.  The rush of feelings was astounding … the conscious connection that we describe with mathematical formulae was an eye watering experience of immense, vibrant love between Gaia and Sol.  That experience happened years ago and I’ve never forgot it … I’ve also never seen the equations of physics the same since!!!!

For me it’s fun to imagine in mediation the “vast psychological objects’ that appear as vast physical objects or sweeping mass events.  Closer to home, to be outside in nature and to feel the consciousness of life around you can be energizing … and to feel the consciousness of clouds, wind and waves really opens up the senses and awakens the feeling of grace and magic that is always around us.

“Obviously there are objects of all sizes, durability, and weight.  There are also “vast psychological objects”, then, sweeping mass events, for example, in which whole countries might be involved.  There are also mass natural events of varying degrees, as say, the flooding of large areas.  Such events involve psychological configurations on the part of all those involved, so that the inner individual patterns of those lives touched by each such event have in one way or another a common purpose that at the same time serves the overall reality on a natural planetary basis.  In order to endure, the planet itself must be involved in constant change and instability.  I know it is difficult to comprehend, but every object that you perceive – grass or rock or stone – even ocean waves or clouds – any physical phenomenon – has its own invisible consciousness, its own intent and emotional coloration.  Each is also endowed with patterns toward growth and fulfillment – not at the expense of the rest of nature, but to the contrary, so that every other element of nature may also be completed.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 826)

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