Tuesday, August 22, 2017


It is quite a journey we’re embarked upon, as described by Seth.  We tend to get distracted by the daily details of life and media so that we lose sight of the Grand Experiment in Consciousness that we’re embarked upon.  

According to the Transcendors, Earth reality is a tough one because we have a duality with such huge emotional extremes … both positive and negative.  Other realities are less so.  For example, the Sirians (according to the Transcendors) only know positive and find our negativity incomprehensible. Pleiadeans, on the other hand, are more like Spock in Star Trek: they have a duality but without the emotional extremes of Earth.

The concept of Ideals is an important one.  Edgar Cayce described Ideals as a kind of psychological navigation aid … like the North Star was for early seafarers.  These voyagers used the North Star as a reference but they knew full well that they would never reach the North Star.  Plato also talked of our physical reality as a kind of shadowy representation of ideal moments and forms that are imperfectly cast into physicality.  Seth certainly hints at our sense of imperfection in this quote as well!

“You are a part of nature that has learned to make choices, a part of nature that naturally and automatically produces dreams and beliefs about which you often organize your reality.  There are many effects which you do not like, but you possess a unique kind of consciousness, in which each individual has a hand in the overall formation of a world reality, and you are participating at a level of existence in which you are learning how to transform the imaginative realm of possibilities into a more or less specific, physically experienced world.

“In a way you choose from an infinite, endless, incomputable number of ideas, and sculpt these into the physical fragments that compose normal experience.  You do this in such a way that the timeless events are experienced in time, and so that they mix and merge to conform to the dimensions of your reality.  Along the way there are accomplishments that are as precious as any creatures of any kind could produce.  There are also great failures – but these are failures only in comparison with the glittering inner knowledge of the imagination that holds for you those ideals against which you judge your acts.

“Those ideals are present in each individual.  They are natural inclinations toward growth and fulfillment.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 829)    

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