Monday, January 15, 2018

The Divine Source of Being

An excellent description of “Oneness” or of an omniscient, omnipresent loving “God”.

“In the beginning, there was instead, once more, a divine psychological gestalt – and by that I mean a being whose reality escapes the definition of the word “being”, since it is the source from which all being emerges.  That being exists in a psychological dimension, a spacious present, in which everything that was or is or will be (in your terms) is kept in immediate attention, poised in a divine context that is characterized by such a brilliant concentration that the grandest and the lowliest, the largest and the smallest, are equally held in a multi-loving constant focus.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value FulfillmentSession 886)

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Subjective Play

When I read this I think of a young child playing with toys (objects) yet imagining them as real in a real context and subjectively feeling the scenario the child is imagining.
“… subjective play is the basis for all creativity, of course – but far more, it is responsible for the greater inner play of subjective and objective reality.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value FulfillmentSession 885)

Thursday, January 11, 2018

"Science" and Ignorance

The illusion that we know as physical reality is a feedback system projecting to our minds what we think we'd look and feel like in a body in a certain belief context ... oh yes, we also project our versions of our best (and worst!) buddies just to make it all look real and beyond our control.  With this as context, it's no surprise that our scientific method is so inept at finding it's own shortcomings.

For example, I find the whole idea of dark energy and dark matter hugely amusing ... it's actually a measure of our ignorance!  It's really bizarre that we claim to know the origin and evolution of the universe when we only physically perceive about 5% of the energy and matter that we think the universe should contain.  Clearly that shows how little we know about the universe.

In a different and perhaps more troubling context, we have no qualms editing DNA when all we perceive is the 3D shadow of a multidimensional, living molecule essential for life as we know it.  I guess our ignorance doesn't get in the way of technological progress!

Have fun today!

“… the deepest truths cannot be physically proven.  Science is used to asking quite specific questions, and as Ruburt wrote recently it usually comes up with very specific answers – even if those questions are wrong.
““Wrong” answers can fit together, however, to present a perfect picture, an excellent construct of its own – and why not?  For any answers that do not fit the construct are simply thrown away and never appear.  So, in a fashion we are dealing with what science has thrown away.  The picture we will end up presenting, then, will certainly not fit that of established science.
“However, if objective proof of that nature is considered the priority for facts, then as you know science cannot prove its version of the [universe’s] origin either.  It only sets up an hypothesis, which collects about it all data that agree, and again ignores what does not fit.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment, Session 885)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Physical Reality - A Dream Hierarchy

“For the terms of this discussion of the beginning of [your] world, I will deal with known qualities for now – the atoms and molecules.  In the beginning, they imagined the myriad of forms that were physically possible.  They imagined the numberless cells that could arise from their own cooperative creation.  Energy is boundless.  It is exuberant.  It knows no limits.  In those terms, the atoms dreamed the cells into physical being – and from that new threshold of physical activity cellular consciousness dreamed of the myriad organizations that could emerge from this indescribable venture.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment, Session 884)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Energy and manifestation

If one starts with the premise that everything is consciousness, then this Seth quote seems obvious.  

Unfortunately, most of us have been brought up in an extremely dualistic framework where matter and energy are understood to be unconscious objects described by mathematical models.  These assumptions lead to the problem of how consciousness arises in a materialistic paradigm.  This leads to the further assumption that what we know as consciousness must arise as an epiphenomenon somehow linked to DNA, complexity, and chance..

Seth’s description makes a lot more sense to me.

“Energy is above all things infinitely creative, innovative, original.  Energy is imaginative.  (Any scientists who might be reading this book may as well stop here.)  I am not assigning human traits to energy.  Instead, your human traits are the result of energy’s characteristics – a rather important difference.  Space as you think of it is, in your terms, filled with invisible particles.  They are the unstated portion of physical reality, the unmanifest medium in which your world exists.  In that regard, however, atoms and molecules are stated, though you cannot see them with your [unaided] eye.  The smaller particles that make them up become “smaller and smaller”, finally disappearing from the examination of any kind of physical instrument, and these help bridge the gap between unmanifest and manifest reality.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value FulfillmentSession 884)

Monday, January 8, 2018

Physical Particles and Energy are All Conscious

"Once again, in terms of your equations, energy and consciousness and matter are one.  And in those terms (the qualifications are necessary) consciousness is the agent that directs the transformation of energy into form and of form into energy.  All possible visible or invisible particles that you discover or imagine – meaning hypothesized particles – possess consciousness.  They are energized consciousness.
“There are certain characteristics inherent in energy itself, quite aside from any that you ascribe to it, since of course to date you do not consider energy conscious.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment, Session 884)

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Beginning is Now

“For the purposes of our discussion, I must necessarily couch this book to some degree in the framework of time.  I must honor your specifics.  Otherwise you would not understand what I am trying to say.
“Even though this book is being dictated within time’s tradition, therefore, I must remind you that basically that tradition is not mine – and more, basically, it is not yours either.
“I used the term “before the beginning”, then, and I will speak of earth’s events in certain sequences.  In the deepest of terms, however, and in ways that quite scandalize the intellect when it tries to operate alone, the beginning is now.  That critical explosion of divine subjectivity into objectivity is always happening, and you are being given life “in each moment” because of the simultaneous nature of that divine subjectivity.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment, Session 884)