Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Some comments on ETs and Choice

 When we think about “ETs” remember that we’re tuned into a specific “channel” (i.e. frequency) of Earth and the Cosmos.  We live in a multiverse full of life in all “channels” and all dimensions.  Lazaris, for example, would be an “ET” but they don’t bother to manifest a physical presence (apparently, that’s more common than those, like us, who create these illusions out of trapped light and pretend they’re real). 

In the Transcendors recording on 9 Dimensions they mention that there is no time and space in the 4th dimension so “ETs” cruise the Cosmos in the 4th dimension and then have to adjust their matter (their atomic structure) to our particular frequency/density.  A lot of them can only hold this frequency for only a short time (because of the density).  Others (like the Pleiadeans) can mentally shift their atomic structure to be compatible with our reality.

What we “know” about the Lemurians (the original ones in the Pacific Ocean) is that they expressed a 5th dimensional consciousness in the 3rd dimensional Earth.  To us they would appear to be Avatars/magicians because they weren’t limited by our understanding of physics.  The Lemurian civilization in the Pacific Ocean basically finished what it set out to do and literally disappeared from our 3rd dimensional illusion. Matias de Stefano describes how some “Lemurians” inhabited the regions around the Indian Ocean where lemurs are found, but they had downshifted in frequency.  Many reincarnated as Atlanteans … originally a 4th dimensional civilization.

Anyway, Lazaris and the Transcendors (and I think Seth as well) have said that the planets that we visit with our current 3rd dimensional consciousness will all appear to us to be lifeless worlds.  Part of the current shift in Gaia consciousness is to move to a 5th dimensional expression and, along with that shift, we’ll really see the life in the other planets and worlds and will be able to travel to these worlds through the 4th dimensional reality … literally taking no “time” as we know it.  

The WingMakers are our most probable future earth for us if we hold that belief.  Unfortunately a lot of people on the planet have bought into the “end times” prophecies so they will create their own personal apocalypse either through wars, earthquakes, pandemics, or whatever.  

We’ve learned about the WingMakers, Lazaris, Seth, Transcendors, Matias, etc., and we do what we do … to have the opportunity to create the future of an ascended Earth for our personal experience.  We live in a multiverse of choice and free will where all possibilities and probabilities exist simultaneously.  We project (aka manifest) our personal local universe from that multiverse based on our beliefs.  The choice is ours.

I think that’s pretty cool …

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