Monday, November 30, 2020

The Ship of Life

 The Ship of Life 

The Transcendors indicated that, in the 3rd dimensional reality, emotion and thought are separated.  Emotion launches our adventure into the 3rd dimension which then triggers thought which triggers more emotion which triggers more thought which triggers …. and on and on.  

Steering a sail boat could be a good metaphor for this life we live.  Here, in our 3rd dimensional reality, wind and the seas are the energies of emotion and what one does to steer the boat is the metaphor for thought.  The trick, I suppose, is to feel the emotion (the energy of the moment) but not to be pushed around by it; rather, to use these energies to propel our boat of life … Zen meditation in different words.  Cayce’s use of ideals … using ideals as a navigational aid to steering our sail boat … is also a key element to mastering 3rd dimensional life; i.e. we need to know where we want to go in life and to master seamanship if we want to get there elegantly.

Metaphors are fun … though I haven’t mastered seamanship … but that doesn’t mean I’m “all wet”! LoL

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