Sunday, November 1, 2020

Elias on Hope, Faith and Trust

 Elias on Hope, Faith and Trust

MARK: From your perspective, yeah. Hope: Is it negative or a positive?

ELIAS: Negative. Hope is the want for something to change in relation to what you want it to be. 

MARK: Okay. 

ELIAS: Hope ultimately leads you in a direction of disappointment. Hope is not a positive, effective expression. FAITH is definitely a direction that will contribute to you creating what you want.


ELIAS: Faith is the expression and the action of trusting what you don’tknow and what you can’t see. Faith is future-based. Trust is present. You have trust in yourself and in what you do now, and that is foundational. Faith is the expression of extending that trust to the future in relation to what you can’t see yet and what you don’t know yet, but you trust that future manifestation because you have the trust in what you are doing now, and that that creates that foundation for that future expression.

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