Friday, November 6, 2020

Some thoughts on physics

 Right now my “favourite physicist” is Carlo Rovelli.  He wrote books such as  “Reality is not What it Seems”, “The Order of Time”, etc.  He is very insightful and creative … and I think his approach (which connects gravity and quantum mechanics with string theory) seems the most promising.  

Actually, my all time favourite is Julian Barbour who wrote “The End of Time”.  That book is very readable … and I’ve used his insights in my workshop.  

What is common to both of these approaches is that time arises, it is not assumed, in a multiverse.  Carlo is describing how the pixels (the “trapped light”) in our 3D multi sensory TV screen called physical reality works while Julian describes how this TV show is produced.  The common “limitation” in both of these approaches is that they don’t start with consciousness, though they do describe potential mathematical constructs that consciousness works in.  

By the way, when it comes to “dark matter” and “dark energy” Kryon and the Ummites point to an elegant solution.  

Kryon has stated that there are 3 pairs of forces in the physical universe: one pair at the atomic scale, one pair at the solar system scale and one pair at the galactic scale.  Modern physics knows about the strong and weak atomic forces and the strong (electromagnetic) and weak (gravity) forces at the solar system scale … but they don’t realize that dark matter and dark energy are the pair at the galactic scale.  

The theosophists have pointed out that physical entities with rotation and revolution are actually a conscious beings … atoms, solar system, the milky way galaxy … which is consistent with Kryon’s concept.  

The Ummite material pointed out that our physics will remain in the “kindergarten level” (my words for a Kryon description) until we start using 4-valued logic (true, false, both true, and unknowable) and a base 12 system of mathematics.  It’s been known for a few decades now that gravity and electromagnetism can be described using a quaternion (base 4) algebra.  Combining that with atomic forces one has an octonion algebra.  The full solution within a galaxy would be this octonion algebra coupled with a quaternion algebra (dark matter and dark energy) … which gives what the Ummites were talking about … a base 12 mathematics with associated “particles”.

To the best of my knowledge, nobody is thinking that way … too bad!

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