Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Flow of Feelings

Feelings are like electric currents … they generate a magnetic attraction to probabilities that have a similar current of feelings or which can complete the flow of energy.  Beliefs and thoughts are more like electric charges …. attracting probabilities that conform to the beliefs we hold (which, by the way, aren’t necessarily the beliefs that we consciously think we hold!!).  

As we imagine future probabilities we can feel the flow of feelings/emotions linked to each possibility we imagine.  

A simple rule of thumb: the possibility with the most emotional energy associated with it is currently the most strongly attracted possibility.  If it’s not to your liking … do something in the present to change the probability of that unwanted future possibility.  

I suppose if you’re a Buddhist you just let go of emotional attachment and float in the breeze like a flag and say “whatever”!

Feelings and emotions really are like a current of energy flowing through the psyche and the body.  This flow has to move for if it is blocked it becomes an explosive flood which bursts forth in explosive behaviour.  A really beautiful aspect of this is that if Love is expressed and allowed to flow freely, it grows, generating more and more loving moments and deeper loving feelings.  Now that’s LIVING!

“Even those of you who intellectually agree that you form your own reality find it difficult to accept emotionally in certain areas.  You are, of course, literally hypnotized into believing that your feelings arise in response to events.  Your feelings, however, cause the events you perceive.  Secondarily, you do of course then react to those events.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 830)

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