Monday, August 14, 2017

Life Choreography

To our Framework 1 perception, babies seem to be relatively unaware (particularly prior to birth) and throughout life we believe that we have “chance” meetings with significant people and significant events.  In Framework 2, all is known … literally … throughout all space and all time.  For this lifetime we narrow our focus down to probabilities that are of interest to us and probabilities that we could share with loved ones.  With enough alignment of interest, feelings, etc. we jump in to smell the roses, rediscover love, and to experience our personal and collective dramas.  

The Transcendors often used a metaphor of “hanging around in a spiritual bar” to get across the idea that life is a group choice … and is meant to be fun (or not, if we want to see what the absence of fun feels like in a duality).  After this life, we meet up with our buddies at the metaphorical spiritual bar (drinking spirits I suppose) and laugh about our latest adventures while plotting our next exploits.

The Transcendors gave an example of two entities having a pre-life conversation.  Entity A tells B that he wants to experience being murdered.  Entity B agrees to do that because it would be fun.  Sure enough, at a certain point in time Entity A is walking down a dark alley and B leaps out of the shadows, points a gun at him, and fires.  Back in the afterlife at the spiritual bar, Entity A tells B what a rush of excitement that was.  Entity B says, I’d like to try that too, would you do that for me?  Of course Entity A obliges.  Sure enough, in another lifetime, Entity B is walking down a dark alley and A leaps out of the shadows and points a gun at Entity B … only this time, he doesn’t shoot.  Again, during their debriefing at the spiritual bar Entity B says to A, wow what a rush that was!  Entity B got to feel the panic of Entity A then the equal rush of relief when Entity A didn’t shoot.

Life is ultimately about Love and Being … enjoy the ride, you never know what the script was until the debriefing!

“Consciousness forms the genes, and not the other way around, and the about-to-be-born infant is the agency that adds new material through the chromosomal structure.  The child is from birth far more aware of all kinds of physical events than is realized also.  But beside that, the child uses the early years to explore – particularly in the dream state – other kinds of material that suit its own fancies and intents, and it constantly receives a stream of information that is not at all dependent upon its heredity or environment.

“On these other levels the child knows, for example, of its contemporaries born at about the same time.  Each person’s “individual” life plan fits in somewhere with that of his or her contemporaries.  Those plans are communicated one to the other, and probabilities instantly are set into motion in Framework 2.  To some degree or another calculations are made so that, for instance, individual A will meet individual B at a marketplace 30 years later – if this fits in with the intents of both parties.  There will be certain cornerstone encounters in each person’s life that are set up as strong probabilities, or as plans to be grown into.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 827)

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