Sunday, August 27, 2017

You are the initiator of your perceived events

In a duality where the assumption of subject and object has dominion, it’s easy to identify anything that is “not I’ to be an external object and thus not within my personal control.  To make matters worse, advertising and the media at large makes us believe that we are pretty much helpless, while science teaches us that we’re an infinitesimal meaningless random outcome of molecular chaos … which of course makes room for faith-based religion to step in and to preach an all-powerful God that can save us for eternity … or damn us for eternity!

The belief system is so bizarre that it’s almost comical, but it’s actually very sad and unfortunately it’s really burned into our brains.  This belief system is the root cause for much of the strife and misfortune around us.  Of course, we chose to be here now in whatever form and context that we find ourselves in.  Perhaps it was professional curiosity that brought us here now, or maybe it was a desire to see if we could bring light and love into seeming chaos.  

I don’t know the reason; but, I do know that what I perceive in my world is a probability that I chose at very deep levels out of an infinite set of possibilities (many of which I can’t even imagine).  Each moment presents me with the answers I’m seeking encoded in the language of molecules and time and space.

It’s also good to know that reality is holographic (as described by Lazaris) … which means that even though I’m only aware of a tiny 3D snapshot of a multidimensional event of infinite extent, that snapshot contains enough information about the totality of myself and the event that I can find true value fulfillment.

Today’s Seth is something we’ve talked a lot about.  It’s probably the best reason for really managing your feelings and emotional response to things … since these magnetically attract reinforcing events (as described in the preceding quote).  

“As long as you believe that either good events or bad ones are meted out by a personified God as the reward or punishment for your actions, or on the other hand that events are largely meaningless, chaotic, subjective knots in the tangled web of an accidental Darwinian world, then you cannot consciously understand your own creativity, or play the role in the universe that you are capable of playing as individuals or as a species.  You will instead live in a world where events happen to you, in which you must do sacrifice to the gods of one kind or another, or see yourselves as victims of an uncaring nature.

“While still preserving the integrity of physical events as you understand them, [each of] you must alter the focus of your attention to some extent, so that you begin to perceive the connections between your subjective reality at any given time, and those events that you perceive at any given time.  You are the initiator of those events.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 830)

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