Monday, August 21, 2017


This is a beautiful description of the grace and power within each of us in this moment ... and the debilitating effect of rigidly held, limiting beliefs.  

The seduction of limiting beliefs is that we get comfortable in our linear, dualistic belief system.  The problem with that comfort is that ultimately it leads to frustration and tension because All That Is isn’t that simple and life is meant to be a growth experience.  

Imagine a lobster who is afraid to shed its shell each year … that’s got to hurt after a while because he’s meant to grow and expand.  Similarly, rigidly held belief frameworks imprison the spirit and suck the life out of the moments of physical experience that we are meant to enjoy.  After all, we are the very “finger” of All That Is touching this moment!

“In each person the imaginative world, its force and power, merges into historical reality.  In each person, the ultimate and unassailable and unquenchable power of All That Is is individualized, and dwells in time.  Man’s imagination can carry him into those other realms – but when he tries to squeeze those truths into frameworks too small, he distorts and bends inner realities so that they become jagged dogmas.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 829)

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