Friday, September 1, 2017

Trusting your private self

The importance of trusting our private self is clearly stated here.  The problem as I see it is differentiating between the “voice” of the private self and that of the negative ego.  

The negative ego is a structure which provides choices and decisions in the absence of conscious choices and decisions.  The negative ego, however, is unable to think … thus it tends to replay scripts which ultimately become destructive because they’re riddled with the shadow's baggage.  It’s like driving your car forward while looking out the rear window … sooner or later something bad will happen. People lost in negative ego tend to be highly predictable since they’re replaying the same events in their lives and attracting more of the same.

“If you cannot trust your private self, then you will not trust yourself in your relationships with others or in society.

“If you do not trust your private self, you will be afraid of power, for you will fear that you are bound to misuse it.  You may then purposefully put yourself in a position of weakness, while all of the time claiming that you seek influence.  Not understanding yourself, you will be in a quandary, and the mechanics of experience will appear mysterious and capricious.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 834)

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