Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Firm Physical Footing

We are not alone, yet we create our own reality.  The key to understanding how we can do this is to recognize that our personal events happen within nested contexts.  What I mean by that is as follows.

I create every moment of my physical experience.  Right now I’m at home typing away on a computer.  The house and even this computer are an example of a context for potential shared physical encounters … anybody who comes into my house generally agrees where the kitchen is and what the computer looks like.  Within that house context we all generally agree upon what I look like (and each of us forms an opinion about that, including me!).  So my physical presence is seen inside the kitchen, inside my house, in my neighbourhood, in the city I live in, in my country, and on it goes.  This nesting means that things appear within ever larger physical domains of agreement.  For people in my home city, who have never been in my house, we don’t have to agree on what my house looks like … but it helps a lot if we agree upon where highways and traffic signs are when I’m driving around!

We also live in nested epochs (pools of time).  If you’re an atom or molecule your pool of time is very short by our standards.  For me: I live in seconds, within minutes, within hours, within days, within weeks, within months, within years, within my lifetime, etc.  When we leap into reality (aka incarnate) we pick an epoch for civilization in addition to basic location contexts.

So this is a long story for Seth’s concise statement on how we create our own reality in a shared context!


“You must of course interpret events in a personal manner.  You create them.  Yet there is also a meeting ground of more or less shared physical encounters, a sense plateau that offers firm-enough footing for the agreement of a mass-shared world.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 812)

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