Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Christ Drama

We’ve been so indoctrinated with the Christ story for centuries that it’s taken as fact …. like physical reality is taken as fact.  Seth points out that there really is no difference between this moment and our “official" history …. they are all 3D pictures placed by us in linear time sequence representing individual and collective inner dreams.  This “movie” we know as “history" is one representation (one of many possibilities in a multiverse) of far vaster movements of multidimensional consciousness including humanity as a collective, the planetary consciousness of Gaia, Sol, the Milky Way and beyond the universe. 

What we know as “history” is as much a dream as the current moment!  

I’ve often referred to the Christ drama as “the Jesus intervention”.  After the three destructions of Atlantis (roughly every 25,000 years since 75,000 BC - i.e. every time the Earth passed through the Galactic Plane in it’s slow dance around the Milky Way) humanity needed to prepare itself for ascension (instead of recurring instabilities and destructions).  So the Christ drama was literally dreamed.  This Christ drama, with all it’s variations and distortions, succeeded in causing such a huge shift in human consciousness that ascension could start after the opening of the Sirius Portal (the Harmonic Convergence) and the 2012 passage (Kryon, Metatron, Lazaris and others talk of this).  We should feel very good about this!

“The Christ drama is a case in point, where private and mass dreams were then projected outward into the historical context of time, and then reacted to in such a way that various people became exterior participants – but in a far larger mass dream that was then interpreted in the most literal of physical terms.  Even while it was, it also got the message across, though the inner drama itself was not recalled; and as the dream merged with historical events, and as it was interpreted by so many, its message also became distorted – or rather, it mixed and merged with other such dreams, whose messages were far different.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 844)

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