Monday, September 11, 2017

Viruses - a cooperative venture

It’s too bad the highly polarized debate between “vaccers” and “anti-vaccers” is not informed with this understanding.  

Since each of us creates our own reality from a unified source that loves us (i.e. we do live in a state of grace), Seth’s quote today seems “obvious”.  

Apparently, back in the days when the whole idea of microbes invading the body and causing illness was being developed, there was a scientist who offered the theory that what we see as microbes are an effect, not the cause of illness.  To prove his hypothesis he publicly drank a glass of water infected with plague, or botulism, or something like that, and had no ill effects.  That demonstration was written off as stage magic by his opponents.  What is really interesting: his major opponent made a death bed confession that, in fact, microbes were not the main cause of disease.  Unfortunately, there’s no money to be made with that knowledge!

“The viruses in the body have a social, cooperative existence.  Their effects become deadly only under certain conditions.  The viruses must be triggered into destructive activity, and this happens only at a certain point, when the individual involved is actively seeking either death or a crisis situation biologically.

“The initial contagion in such cases is always emotional and mental.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 840)

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