Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Our Symbiotic Relationship with the Society of Viruses

Today’s Seth is a couple more instalments on viruses.  I think part of the problem in our society is that we see matter as inert and don’t understand where life comes from (that is sometimes referred to as a materialist, reductionist point of view).  Viruses are just big molecules … but they really are conscious and interact socially among themselves and with their host (aka humans).  They have their own awareness (which, of course, we don’t understand and interpret purely as chemical or electrical interactions) and they interact socially (again, “explained” by our understanding of chemical and electrical interactions).  

There really is a symbiotic relationship between all levels of life forms that inhabit our body and the planet.  Living with that awareness leads to better health.  As host for trillions of life forms in our body, if we ignore that symbiotic relationship, we can create a toxic environment  for them which ultimately leads to disease.

“In the same way that a member of such a society can go [askew], blow his stack, go overboard, commit antisocial acts, so in the same fashion such a person can instead trigger the viruses, wreck their biological social order, so that some of them suddenly become deadly, or run [amok].  So of course the resulting diseases are infectious.  To that degree they are social diseases.  It is not so much that a virus, say suddenly turns destructive – though it does – as it is that the entire cooperative structure within which all the viruses are involved becomes insecure and threatened.”

“What I have said about viruses applies to all biological life.  Viruses are “highly intelligent” – meaning that they react quickly to stimuli.  They are responsive to emotional states.  They are social.  Their scale of life varies considerably, and some can be inactive for centuries, and revive.  They have extensive memory patterns, biologically imprinted.  Some can multiply in the tens of thousands within seconds.  They are in many ways the basis of biological life, but you are aware of them only when they show “a deadly face”.

“You are not aware of the inner army of viruses within the body that protect it constantly.  Host and viruses both need each other, and both are part of the same life cycle.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 840)

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