Sunday, September 10, 2017

Man is of good intent

This is an important message from Seth.  We set up ideals that we think represent “good” actions and outcomes then focus on the shortfalls (certainly in the media, which considers “news” to be unusual - usually bad - happenings or prognostications).  It really does make  sense to see the “good intent” in yourself, those around you, and so on.  If life is a form of 3D “video game” that we immerse ourselves in, then what appears to be “bad” is just individuals swept up in the illusion … forgetting they are souls having an earthly experience. In fact, the definition of “sin” in A Course In Miracles is: to think and act as if this physical illusion is real.

This message is particularly important at this point in time when we’re surrounded by news of imminent nuclear war, natural disasters, murder, etc.

The trick in all of this is not to get swept up in the news, but rather to recognize that the world is on track for “ascension” (according to Metatron, Lazaris, and others) but there's a lot of muck to process that humanity has deferred for millennia.  This muck is becoming more and more visible and we're seeing the segments of populations (particularly in the U.S.) that are dwelling in, and feeding on, that muck ... thanks to our media.  

We have such a narrow focus in time and space as well as such a short attention span (thanks to social media) that the vast majority of people have no idea what would be a good outcome of anything.  Instead they let their brains do what brains do best .... take things to their "logical" conclusion (aka worst possible outcome).  

Seth cautioned Jane and Rob in their day not to get swept up in the potential for disaster.  Since we, as humanity, groups, and individuals, create our own reality within a shared context, the key is to always stay grounded in the present and to be aware of what is around you.  That is your immediate content ... not necessarily a news article about North Korea or a video of some disaster to get the brain going down the road of fear, but rather to see and radiate the love and beauty that is around you.  To ground yourself in nature ... that is loving Gaia (who does see the big picture and is making as gentle corrections as it can during the ongoing transition). 

Love and positive dreams in your context fuels recovery of the planet and promotes your health and that of the planet and those around you.  Place your awareness on that love and you'll be an unstoppable force of greater good for humanity.  That's what I do. 

“Man is of good intent.  When you see evil everywhere in man’s intent – in your own actions and those of others – then you set yourself up against your own existence, and that of your kind.  You focus upon the gulf between your ideals and your experience, until the gulf is all that is real.  You will not see man’s good intent, or you will do so ironically – for in comparison with your ideals, good in the world appears to be so minute as to be a mockery.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 835)

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