Wednesday, July 5, 2017

We create the past and the future in each present moment

Today's Seth is an extension of yesterday's.  For our culture, which is conditioned to believe in an immutable past and linear objective time, it is really hard to accept that each moment is literally brand new ... we get to choose the past, present and future in each moment and to make choices in the moment based on that context.  Our point of power really is in the present.  Because of our belief in sequential time, we do create the present by choosing a range of futures and laying them against the backdrop of a believable past (individually and collectively).

I think one of the problems we have with really living this idea is that we define ourselves by our story in the context of our culture and an agreed upon history.  The Buddhists got it right by realizing that we really aren't our story nor are we defined/confined to our body.  I don't think they fully realized, however, just how much power we have in the present!

This really should not be a surprise, however.  After all - we're creator Gods playing a 3D, dualistic manifestation game!

To get the full implication of this Seth quote I highly recommend reading Jane Roberts' "Oversoul Seven Trilogy".  It is a playful but insightful story that shows the fun and the difficulties at the Soul level in this context.

"It would be most difficult to operate within your sphere of reality without the pretension of concrete, finished events.  You form your past lives now in this life as surely as you form your future ones now also.
"Simultaneously, each of your past and future selves dwell in their own way now, and for them the last sentence also applies."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 806)

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