Saturday, July 22, 2017

Inner Ego

What we perceive with our physical senses is called “Framework 1” by Seth.  This is the world of classical physics, the appearance of forces, action, motion all seeming to take place in 3D space in a linear time reference frame.  

Quantum mechanics tells us that the physical world is generated each time there is an interaction and an observation.  Between interactions and observations, quantum particles disappear from physical reality.  The Outer Ego arises in each moment in Framework 1 along with the quantum particles.  The Outer Ego perceives the manifested moment that it is part of in order to provide the psyche with thoughts and feelings about each moment and to make choices.

The Inner Ego operates in the non-physical domain of quantum probable states (Framework 2) and it is the true observer which pops selected probable experiences (and an Outer Ego) into physicality.  

“As you have an ego, fully conscious, directed toward the physical world, you also have what I call an inner ego, directed toward inner reality.  You have, in other words, a portion of yourself that is fully conscious in Framework 2.  The ego in your ordinary world, which again we will call Framework 1, is uniquely equipped to deal with that environment.  It manipulates with rules of cause and effect and consecutive moments.  It deals with an objectified reality.  It can stretch its capacities, becoming far more aware of inner events than it is normally allowed to do, but its main purpose is to deal with the world of effects, to encounter events.

“The inner ego is fully conscious.  It is a portion of you, however, that deals with the formation of events, that glories in a rather rambunctious and creative activity that your specifications of time and place physically preclude.  The unconscious, so-called, is – and I have said this before – quite conscious, but in another realm of activity.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 822)

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