Monday, July 17, 2017

Sensing the greater context

Seth's material is not about theory and intellectual understanding ... though that is necessary if one is to cruise the Cosmos with awareness.  It is really about the subjective experience of the fullness of our greater Self. 

Lazaris made the following distinctions:  information is data translated into human terms, information with context becomes knowledge, creating new knowledge is true understanding, and finally, true wisdom is living the understanding.  Living the understandings we get from the Seth material is the real prize!!!
"If you can, try to sense this greater context in which you have your being.  Your rewards will be astonishing.  The emotional realization is what is important, of course, not simply an intellectual acceptance of the idea.  Ruburt wanted material on this book, and that is well and good.  The book is important.  The book has its meaning in your world, but I do not want you to forget the vaster context in which these sessions originate.  This kind of information can at least trigger responses on your part, increasing still further the scope of knowledge that you can perceive from me."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 818)

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