Monday, July 24, 2017

Everyone who ever was or ever will be

This Seth quote is really profound.  One of the different rules in "Framework 2" is that there is no time, everything is now ... or, as Seth calls it, "everything is in the spacious present".  To really get that everyone who has ever lived on earth, or who ever will, are all dabbling in Framework 2 at this very moment: each one creating their own individual perspectives and life dramas together, right now, in our present moment, is absolutely mind boggling!!!!

We've been conditioned to believe in linear time ... but it was actually an assumption made by Sir Isaac Newton in his tomb "Principia".  The use of an independent variable that he called time was a convenient assumption that made his equations of motion easier to solve in the calculus he'd invented.  Ever since then, we've assumed that this linear time existed and we were conditioned to believe in a time-based causality.  Even Einstein in his theory of relatively assumed there was a space-time reference frame ... but, instead of it being rigid (like Newton's), he assumed that mass could distort it giving rise to what we know as gravity.  But, again, it's still an assumption that has dogged the Western World since it's inception - an assumption that does not, in fact, represent our underlying reality!

"Your world is populated by individuals concentrating upon physical activities, dealing with events that are "finished products" - at least in usual terms.  Your inner egos populate Framework 2, and deal with the actual creation of those events that are then objectified.  Since "the rules" of Framework 2 are different, that reality is not all bound by your physical assumptions.  It contains, therefore, the inner ego of each individual who has lived or will ever live upon the earth."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 822)

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