Saturday, July 8, 2017

Changing the Past in the Present

Lazaris has said that you change things in the present, the present moment is your point of power.  

What they meant by that, is that if there is a past (or future) life influence coming at you that needs to be relieved, then in the present moment you can enter meditation and move yourself back (or forward) in time with intent and change that other lifetime and it’s influence.  

A case in point.  Years ago I worked through the Lazaris process to develop a communion (communication plus union) with my Higher Self as described in their book: “The Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self”.  I figured that if I was going to consciously create reality I’d best do it in harmony with my Higher Self … the Self that sees the big picture.  That process was, for me, life changing!  

Later, I learned a meditative technique (using a river visualization) to cruise backward and forward in time.  There was a particular past lifetime of mine that, I felt, needed some form of closure.  So, I entered meditation with a personification of my Higher Self and, together, we did the time travel into the past life and met this person while he was dying.  After getting acquainted and calming him down, I left him with my Higher Self to make a more elegant and less painful transition.  It worked well.

“As I have mentioned [in other books], you can indeed change the present to some extent by purposefully altering a memory event.  That kind of synthesis can be used in many instances with many people.

“Such an exercise is not some theoretical, esoteric, impractical method, but a very precise, volatile, and dynamic way of helping the present self by calming the fears of a past self.  That past self is not hypothetical, either, but still exists, capable of being reached and of changing its reactions.  You do not need a time machine to alter the past or the future.

“Such a technique is highly valuable.  Not only are memories not “dead”, they are themselves ever-changing.  Many alter themselves almost completely without your notice.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 806)

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