Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The symphony of life

Today's Seth helps us to feel how much we belong in the Cosmos and the magnificence of our being and of every detail in our life. 

We're like musicians in a Cosmic symphony, each playing a unique instrument and having a unique part in the grand symphony of life.  Every one of us is important to the song of life being sung by All That Is.  If you've ever played in a band, there comes a time when the band members start to function like a group (instead a disconnected cluster of players reading the music and keeping time) and that is when the musical magic happens. 

Let's live each moment of our lives with the elegance, harmony and exuberance of the true magical Cosmic musicians that we are!
"The natural contours of your psyche are quite aware of the inner sweep and flow of your life, and its relationship with every other creature alive.  Intuitively, each person is born with the knowledge that he or she is not only worthwhile, but fits into the context of the universe in the most precise and beautiful of fashions.  The most elegant timing is involved in each individual's birth and death.  The exquisite play of your own inner nature in general - and that identification leads you into the deeper knowledge of your own part of nature's source."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 821)

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