Friday, July 28, 2017

Continuum of Consciousness

If you were walking along a metaphorical street in the Inner World ... would you recognize an atom walking by?  This sounds a bit silly, but everything is consciousness and fundamental particles know how to create the space and time that we think we live in.  That's amazing ... we don't even know how that's done.  It's humorous to imagine that proverbial climb to the top of a mountain to ask a guru "what is life?" and, instead of seeing the number "42" there's a personification of atomic consciousness laughing at our simplicity! 

When Seth talks of oneness ... he means everything: you, me, "them", all life, all matter, all astronomical bodies, all subatomic particles, all things we can't even see or imagine!  No wonder we're on an infinite, exuberant journey of discovery in the Inner World and have to simplify things every once in a while by projecting an Outer World (including our body) to try to make some sense out of our discoveries and to pose our questions. 

The Transcendors had once said when asked about the origin of physical reality and human form that we were hanging around the metaphorical "spiritual bar" and asked the question "What if ....?".  We never got to complete the question before we plunged into a multitude of "physical", multidimensional, possible realities. This is one of them.

Be careful what you ask for!

"I would like to emphasize that to one degree or another all species of plant and animal life "dream".  The same applies to the "psychological activity" of atoms and molecules, and any "particle".
"There are intensities of behavior, then, in which the activity, the inside activity, of any being or particle is directed toward [the] physical force [that is] involved in the cooperative venture that causes your reality.  There are variances, however, when such activity is directed instead into the interior nature of reality.  You have an inner system of communication, then, in which the cells of all living things are connected.  In those terms there is a continuum of consciousness."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 823)

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