Sunday, July 9, 2017

Events are alive and grow

Today’s Seth is another mind bender … best taken with alcohol … but nevertheless it is the way reality works.  Because we limited ourselves to a 3D, linear time based, dualistic representation of multidimensional action doesn’t mean that reality (aka God or All That Is) is that simple or even comprehensible to our simplistic brains nor expressible in our simplistic language or logical system.  I always find it interesting that people tend to go as deep down the rabbit hole as they can and then stop there … that’s OK … the problem is that they often fight about it and say that they (and only they) possess the absolute truth when in fact absolute truth isn’t absolute nor is it even expressible in language or human terms.  I guess that conundrum is one of the reasons we keep coming back here … oh yes, the other reason is the absolute joy that love brings in physical reality!

Each event is an action of consciousness … as such, it is alive and is forever seeking it’s unique value fulfillment.  We, in piecing together what we know as our physical lives, give birth to events but never see the full depth and extent of them … instead we shift our focus to creating new events.  

Like ripples radiating out in all directions on a calm body of water after a stone is tossed in, each event (past, present and future) radiates in all directions … in all dimensions.  All events of this lifetime (and all others) exist in the spacious present (there is only NOW).  Therefore, we feel ripples not only from what we know of as the past, but also from the future!  No wonder the Causal Plane seems chaotic to us!

“The point is that past events grow.  They are not finished.  With that in mind, you can see that future lives are very difficult to explain from within your framework.  A completed life in your terms is no more completed or done than any event.  There is simply a cut-off point in your focus from your framework, but it is as artificial as, basically, perspective is applied to painting.

“It is not that the inner self is not aware of all of this, but that it has already chosen a framework or a given frame of existence, that emphasizes certain kinds of experience over others.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 806)

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