Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Our Main Myth

It's hard to imagine reality without a beginning or end and a reality without form and physical senses (and associated space and time, etc.).  We are so deep in the illusion that we're manifesting that we are conditioned to believe that only what we physically perceive is real, or in cases where physical perception is not possible (e.g. quantum mechanics or astrophysics, etc.) that what is real is what logical explanations and theories we derive that are consistent with our physical perception (often perceived with the aid of scientific instruments).  This is a tough myth to break through, since we were conditioned to believe it from birth and we need to accept it in order to drive our car and interact in our current societies.  The fact it's a necessary myth doesn't mean that it's true outside of our 3D linear time duality.

"The main myth through which you interpret your experiences, however, is the one that tells you that all perception and knowledge must come to you through the physical senses.
"This is the myth of the exteriorized consciousness - a consciousness that you are told is open-ended only so far as objective reality is concerned.  It seems to be closed "at the other end", which in those terms would represent your birth."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 823)

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