Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Body

It’s amazing how our thoughts can inhibit our natural physical, psychic and spiritual state of grace.  

Here Seth points out that the body that we project from moment to moment is a living “social statement” … a vibrantly alive symbolic representation of our current thoughts and feelings, choices and decisions, attitudes and beliefs (collectively our building blocks of manifestation); plus it represents the current result of our desires, imagination and expectation (our tools of manifestation).  It is very personal and, like a computer avatar, it is how we want others to “see” us.

Like good quality artists tools, the body is spring loaded for exuberant, joy-filled, loving expression in a beautiful “heaven on earth” as we “paint” our 3-D pictures of physical reality and place them in a time sequence.  Unfortunately, this gets compromised by our limiting beliefs, etc. which are largely the result of the very rudimentary logical system that we’re using here in creation kindergarten.  As Seth says elsewhere, our conditioned “survival instincts”, particularly in a "survival of the fittest" world of extreme duality, cause our brain to anticipate the worst and, when the brain is allowed free reign in that direction, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy … in spite of the body’s best efforts.

Taste the coffee, smell the roses … and love exuberantly!
“The body is a spiritual, psychic, and social statement, biologically spoken.  It is obviously private, yet it cannot be concealed, in that “it is where you are”, in usual terms.”

“The body is, therefore, quite well equipped to deal with its physical stance in the physical world, and its defense systems are unerring in that respect.  Your conscious mind, however, directs your temporal perception and interprets that perception, organizing it into mental patterns.  The body, again, must depend upon those interpretations.  The biological basis of all life is a loving, divine and cooperative one, and presupposes a safe physical stance from which any member of any species feels actively free to seek out its needs and to communicate with others of its kind.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 804)

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